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Grooming Packages:  prices start at $3o and go up depending on length and texture of coat

Basic – includes a thorough brush, bath, dry, feet and fanny trim, nail trim and dremel or file, ear cleaning, external anal gland expression.

Full Grooming – includes a thorough brush, bath, high velocity hand dry, a scissor or clipper hair trim of your choice, feet and fanny trim, nail trim and dremel or file, ear cleaning, external anal gland expression.

Ala Carte:

$10 Shed-Less 16 Week Program – requires 4 appointments (add $10 to each regular grooming price) to be scheduled at 4 week intervals for maximum benefits, this service is an added fee and must be combined with one of the professional grooming packages

$15  Feet and Fanny Pack* – includes a complete nail and paw pad trim and sanitary trim

$10  Pawdicure* – nail trim and dremel or file

$5    Nail Polish* – your choice of color from my selection

$15 and up Pettoos and Bling – choose from simple to complex designs, all color used is semi-permanent and made specifically for pets. Price is based on design and size. Quotes will only be given during physically viewing your pet.

All shampoos and conditioners used are top of the line and formulated for different coat types and conditions.  There is no extra charge for any different shampoos, with the exception of the shed-less program.

Mats can be extremely painful.  De-matting makes your pet and the groomer uncomfortable.  I want your pets to have wonderful experiences in my salon, I will not de-mat any pet with extreme mats, they will receive a short hair cut instead.  Their hair will grow back and I am willing to show you ways of proper brushing with proper tools to help avoid the hair matting.

Please walk your dog prior to appointment time to help prevent unwanted accidents, and don’t forget to clean up any waste as it may transmit parasites and diseases to other pets and their humans.

When working with any animal, there may be certain times when unpredictable events happen that take longer than expected.  I do NOT give specific pick-up times. I DO call when your pet is finished and ready to go home.  Please wait for my call.

We know sometimes life happens and you must reschedule appointments.  Please do so at least 24 hours in advance.  Failure to do so, or a no show, will result in an extra $10 charge added to your account.  My time and the time of my clients is very valuable, as is yours.  Just be considerate.

Please let me know if your dog has any history of biting or other issues during previous grooms.  I do not want to turn your pet away, I want the chance to work with them to change experiences and behaviors.  An extra fee will be charged for the extra time it takes, but it is well worth it for your pets future.

I reserve the right to refuse service if your pet poses a risk of injury to itself, other dogs, or other people.

Please try to schedule grooming appointments every 8 weeks or less.  I recommend bathing in between appointments as it will also help maintain healthier skin and coats.

I accept cash, check or credit for services rendered.  Bad checks will cost you an extra $25 and prevent you from writing a check for services again