From The Inside To The Outside

I am a firm believer that most of the problems pets are having from simple skin irritations to loss of hair all start with your pets inner health.  There are so many food choices, how do you know which will be best for them?  I’m sure we all want our pets to live a long and healthy life, along with minimizing the vet expenses.  A lot of the food being manufactured these days is not what the companies advertise.  I have stood in the pet food aisles thinking, “What in the heck is that ingredient? What is in by-product, and meal, and whole meats, and what is the difference? Which food has been recalled?”  If you are anything like me you have googled and researched until you literally can not consume any more info.  Well, in the process, I happened upon a website that allows you to compare and evaluate your brand of food. www.dogfoodadvisor.com  I feed my pets Life’s Abundance, which you will notice that it is one of the better foods on this list.  I have found so many benefits within just a few weeks of changing their food.  The food has improved their skin and coat conditions tremendously, helped to clear up recurring anal gland issues, improved behavior, and has helped my senior female to have more energy and be more playful than she has been in several years. I am saving money by feeding a lesser amount of food since it is made in small batches with fresh ingredients to ensure higher nutritional values.  It also has NEVER been recalled, which is a super plus in my opinion.  I was so impressed with this food that I actually chose to become an independent field rep. Please check it out and compare your food.  Feel free to ask any questions as I have researched many brands.  I will be happy to assist you as best I can. Also, check my blog frequently as I may post updated health and wellness info, as well as training and grooming tips.